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how to inquire a custom cake quote



Step One

Email us!

Our email address:

Subject should be:

"Cake Iquiry (date of event)"

Please attach one image of the cake you are inquiring.

The Number of guest you are expecting.

Any Minior changes you will be making should be stated here also!

Cake flavor and filling are required only when order is placed in person.

If email is send correctly you should recieve a response no later than 1 day.

Step Two

When email is sent, you should recieve our auto-reponse.

Please take the time to read our auto-response as it has important information you 

should know. When providing you with the best price, we do not include fondant boards or fondant letters in the price, fondant boards, and letters are an additional price(depending on letters, or board design they range from $20-$40).Buttercream hand- pipping is no additional cost. Cake with edible images on top, or freestyle cakes do not require quotes Via email, quote can be given at our store.

Step Three

Once you received a quote,you may

now stop by our store to place your order, by letting them know the name on the email, and when the email was sent. No changes are accepted when placing your order at the store.  All changes should have been stated in email only. Changes after a order has been placed would be a $40 fee.

Step Four

50% of the cake total must be paid the day the order is placed.

We do not put in orders with out 50% deposit being made! When picking up your cake .Please be sure to place your cake in a flat surface.  Most custom cakes do not come with a lid, if you would like a custom box.

A Fee for the box would have to be paid (These boxes require a large trunk space, Please be prepared with a large amount of space to store your cake.)

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