how to inquire a custom cake quote

Step 1

Send Email With 1 image, the amount of guest you are expecting, and when your event will take place.

At the moment will are only accepting one picture per email, only minor changes can be made. Picture attached can be anything from our website or google. 

Step 2

Email Response should not take longer than 5 hours, if sent correctly! While waiting for a response you should have received an auto-response with our terms and regulations. Please Be sure to read our auto-response before placing your order!

Step 3

Once you have received a quote you may place your order in person, No changes are accepted when order is being placed. No discussion of decoration will be made, It will all be on email for no miscommunication.

Step 4

50% of the cake total must be paid the day the order is placed.

We do not put in orders with-out a deposit.

On Day of pick up please be sure to call us first to see if your cake is ready.

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